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What To Expect

At your First Visit:

Initial adult naturopathic appointments will last 60-90 minutes, and initial pediatric appointments will last 60 minutes.  Your first visit will include a thorough health and lifestyle history, review of any past lab work, discussion of our approach to your specific health issue or condition, and an individualized naturopathic plan.

At Follow-up Visits:

Follow-up naturopathic appointments are either 30 or 45 minutes. During this time, we will discuss how your health has changed since your last visit.  We will get a thorough update on your symptoms and check in with you regarding your general health status (sleep, energy, appetite, cravings, mood). In addition, we will discuss your previous plan—what, if anything that we recommended was difficult to do. Last, we will put together a new naturopathic plan to move you even closer to optimal health.


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