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Dr. Julie– I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to a much healthier way of life. Since your help I have pursued a new career as a holistic nutritionist. I am currently attending Bauman College and can’t thank you enough for opening a door to happiness and health. After only a few sessions you changed my world completely. I was in a very dark place suffering from anxiety and many phobia’s with little help from the western medicine. You reassured me that I was not CRAZY and that I could ease my nervous system with a few changes. You also taught me that vegan diet was not allowing my body to function properly causing a number of symptoms. At the time I had no idea what you were talking about but I knew I wanted to change because this dark place was effecting my entire life and relationships. I have now learned in depth what exactly was happening with my system and keep thinking back to how you changed my world. I admire your occupation and dream of one day being a naturopathic doctor."


I went to see Dr. Julie when my hay fever went ballistic in the spring and nothing was helping. In a matter of days on her protocol of natural alternative medicines, my allergic re-actions dramatically were reduced and then faded to an occasional sneeze now and then. My allergies to many grasses had been categorized by my western doctor as “severe” along with “less than 1% of the population” has such a severe re-action. I know that the improvement was the result of Dr. Julie’s protocol since the daily e-mail allergy alerts AND the local newspaper’s pollen counts were still indicating extremely high grass/pollen counts. Even with the pollen counts HIGH, my body stopped re-acting as if under attack. Dr. Julie believes in strengthening the immune system as part of her approach to allergies; with a strong immune system, the body can easily handle pollen without over re-acting to it as something that is life threatening. Appreciating the peace that came from no longer sneezing or suffering allergy symptoms when I stepped outside our mountain home, I’ve gone to Dr. Julie for help with other health concerns. I am always amazed at the results.” 


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Julie Neal. At first I was skeptical of naturopathic medicine, but after working with Dr. Julie, I saw results in only a couple weeks and have never felt, or looked better. I now recommend naturopathic medicine to all my friends and relatives. Thanks for everything!” 


Dr. Julie helped me get back on track after my body was worn out from too overtraining. My body was able to naturally repair and restore itself with her help; now I am back on track with my training (without overtraining!).” 


I have been a client of Dr. Julie Neal for about 1.5 years. She has provided me with support in my long conflict with airborne pollens. Her depth of knowledge in alternative care modalities was key in her support of me. Her ability to sense what is appropriate for the body to use in overcoming the environmental challenges is a very big key in her helping me. She really listens well and communicates very clearly. She is a treasure.” 


I have been working with Dr. Neal for the last 6 months on improving my health. She brings a refreshing and unique view to health care. It is empowering to go to your doctor and have them spend quality time with you and get all of your questions answered. Not only do I feel good after our visits she also suggests natural remedies that improve my energy level and reassure me that I am on the path to better long term health. Thank you Dr. Neal!” 


For several years, I have had issues with digestion and joint pain. Conventional doctors have tested me for autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac disease, etc. to no avail. After literally being told it was all in my head and being prescribed strong sleeping pills by one doctor, I kind of gave up out of frustration. Then I heard about Dr. Julie from a friend and everything has changed. During my very first appointment, she sat with me for about 1 1/2 hours and asked questions. This is something that no other doctor had ever done for me. She connected seemingly unrelated symptoms and over the course of a few months and a few tests, I had an actual answer. I am still in a bit of shock that someone actually figured out what is wrong with me as I had sort of resigned myself to the fact that I may just have to live with it. Although I am just starting on the road to healing, I am so impressed by Dr. Julie’s knowledge and natural approach that I have referred her to a few friends already. She has done more for me in a few months than other doctors did in years. I actually look forward to my appointments with her. I’m fairly sure there is no other doctor that I’ve ever seen that I can say that about. I am so thrilled to have found her and would recommend her to anyone!” 


"I have struggled with many auto immune issues for many years. Traditional medicine would have me going to several doctors at a time to treat one system and rarely getting to the root cause. Dr. Cheri's approach is to listen to the whole story and find the root cause. She is committed to continue to find the root cause even when it is difficult to see. This has led to quicker healing for me and less trips to the doctor. This holistic, big picture approach to medicine has been very helpful and given me a better quality of life. I am so thankful that there is an alternative approach to medicine that gets results."


The primary reason we started working with Dr. Cheri was because of my daughter’s eczema. It had been really bad since infancy. I’d taken her to so many places (including National Jewish) and tried so many things, but nothing really helped more than temporarily. For myself, I asked for help with seasonal allergies that were becoming more intense and year-round.

Dr. Cheri did a REALLY thorough medical/life history, looking at us as whole people, rather than just symptoms. Then she changed our diets and gave us both drops specific for our issues. I am happy to report that my daughter’s eczema has improved significantly and remained improved. She had a big belly and that’s gone, too. My allergies are much improved, too. I went from taking four prescription medications daily to no medications at all. I also lost 10 pounds without even trying."


Dr. Cheri King has truly been a life saver for me. Her care and treatments enabled me to regain my health after being over-treated with pharmaceuticals which caused an imbalance of the natural bacteria in my gastrointestinal tract. For nearly a year I was very sick and nothing was helping. Thanks to Dr. Cheri’s care, I was able to regain my strength and completely recover from Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth she diagnosed. She truly cares about her patients and their well being! I am so thankful for Dr. Cheri’s outstanding care and give her my highest recommendation."


“Dr. King not only helped me in the process of healing my body but also allowed me to reflect and understand why I have these vague but profound symptoms, now known only by the sheer disappearance of them thru healing. Dr. Cheri is a true godsend.”


"Dr. King gave me my life back, helping me to understand the lifestyle changes I needed to make in order to age gracefully and in a state of wellness!" 


"Dr Cheri has treated me for symptoms of menopause and digestive issues and since then I have been symptom free. One treatment I asked her to surprise me and that was my most profound recovery. She treated me for grief over the loss of my father when I was three years old. I didn’t know it was there until it was gone. She helped me feel a peace that I had never experienced before." 


I came to Dr. Cheri in February of 2015 hoping for a natural solution to the severe acne I had been struggling with for quite some time. Dr. Cheri took my lifelong health issues into consideration while treating me, I felt so heard and genuinely cared for by her during our sessions. The changes she recommended for me to implement have made an enormous difference in my skin and my overall health. In just 6 months my skin has completely healed itself, and it is very apparent to my loved ones and I that my skin was healed from the inside out. Who knew that compromised gut health could lead to cystic acne? I am very thankful to Dr. Cheri for treating my body with respect while utilizing her vast knowledge of healing, and for recognizing that the last thing I needed was another round of antibiotics. 


Dr. Julie has an unusually broad knowledge of how the body functions. The depth of that knowledge has helped me a great deal in the past 2 years that I have been her client. She has great skill in selecting and sensing which remedy is the most appropriate for my body. This has been a real boon in helping me with multiple physical ailments. She offers safe alternatives to medications which is important to me as I have chemical sensitivities. She listens well, explains things well, and has a wonderful, healthy sense of humor.”


My experience with Dr. Julie has been fantastic. I have had ADHD since childhood and was on medication for several years, even into adulthood. Dr. Julie helped me using natural therapies, and I was able to get off of the medication almost seamlessly. I have also dealt with issues in the area of infertility and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Dr. Julie and I are working together to get my body back into its natural rhythm again. She has also helped me with my overall health. Dr. Julie views the body as a whole, not as a sum of its parts. She truly understands and believes that the human body has the ability to heal itself if it is supported in the right way. It is great to have a doctor that looks at my overall health, and does not just prescribe a pill to treat a symptom.”