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Abnormal Pap Smears

Naturopathic medicine provides natural and holistic care solutions for most acute and chronic conditions. The goal of care is different from conventional medicine because the focus is addressing the underlying cause of illness not just the symptoms. When you address the underlying dysfunction in the body and restore the biochemical balance to all organ systems, […]


Acne vulgaris is a common skin condition experienced by teenagers and some adults. People with acne may have any of the following: Scaly red skin. Blackheads. White heads. Pimples. Pustules. Scarring. Healing Acne with Natural Medicine Naturopathic doctors believe that acne is more than just skin deep. It can be a reflection of internal inflammation […]


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or ADHD or ADD) is a developmental disorder diagnosed when a child or adult shows signs of attention problems and hyperactivity. The symptoms must start before 7 years of age and persist in at least 2 different settings for at least 6 months for the diagnosis to be considered. ADHD is […]


Allergies occur when a person’s immune system produces an abnormal inflammatory response to specific substances in the environment. People can have environmental allergies and react to grasses, pollens, weeds, dusts, trees and other substances in the environment. People can also have allergens to foods, or food allergies. The most common food allergens are wheat, dairy, […]


Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the United States. It affects more than 40 million adults. Anxiety is a generalized mood condition that can occur without an identifiable trigger. People can feel worried, fearful, nervous, and symptoms can range in severity. Symptoms can include: Shortness of breath. Heart palpitations. Excessive sweating. Insomnia. […]


There are over 100 different types of arthritis, the most common being osteoarthritis. Other common types include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune related types. Arthritis develops when the cartilage between bony surfaces in joints wears down. As the cartilage thins, bones can grind against each other causing pain, bone spurs and loss of […]