Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the United States. It affects more than 40 million adults. Anxiety is a generalized mood condition that can occur without an identifiable trigger. People can feel worried, fearful, nervous, and symptoms can range in severity. Symptoms can include: Shortness of breath. Heart palpitations. Excessive sweating. Insomnia. Fatigue . Irritability . Digestive distress . Muscle tension. Headaches. Concentration issues. Insomnia. Restlessness. Sleep disturbances

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety can result from a number of underlying problems. For some people, anxiety is a learned coping mechanism. For others, it can result from hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, drug reactions, a cardiovascular event, or after a mental, emotional or physical trauma. At Boulder Natural Health, we will work with you to identify the underlying cause of anxiety, which is different for every person. A naturopathic approach for anxiety can include diet recommendations, lifestyle changes, herbal, homeopathic, vitamin and/or nutrient supplementation, specific amino acid supplements, and physical medicine such as craniosacral therapy or massage therapy when indicated. These treatments focus on calming the nervous system, rebalancing the circadian rhythm (the body’s sleeping and waking cycle), stress management, and supporting the person’s ability to be grounded and centered.

Many people experience normal levels of anxiety during a stressful event. If a person experiences symptoms on a daily basis for at least 6 months, an anxiety disorder can be diagnosed.

Naturopathic medicine provides natural and holistic care solutions for most acute and chronic conditions. The goal of care is different from conventional medicine because the focus is addressing the underlying cause of illness not just the symptoms.

When you address the underlying dysfunction in the body and restore the biochemical balance to all organ systems, symptoms resolve on their own.